Virtual Cooking Lessons



Do you like cooking? Do you like learning new things? We are excited to announce a virtual cooking lessons you’ve been waiting for. Ethiopia is a very diverse nation in everything. However, there’s something most Ethiopians have in common and that is Injera. Injera is made from an ancient, very tiny, Ethiopian grain called Teff. In our lessons we will talk about this grain and how to turn it into Injera, a flat bread or sponge bread. Injera is naturally gluten free. Through Zoom virtual meeting, you’ll learn the techniques in making, preserving and serving it. 

Injera is not eaten alone, although it may not taste bad when eaten alone. To make injera very palatable, Ethiopians make/cook/prep something called WOT. You can call it paste, soup, curry, stew...etc. There are many kinds of wot. 
While there are many meat dishes that goes with Injera, we will only focus on the Vegan options in these lessons. Trust us, you'll fall in love with all the dishes. 

These delicious dishes, prepared in a simple and healthful manner, are most nourishing to our human system. Did you know this cuisine is one of the world’s healthiest and most flavorful? Loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins and other important elements, they supply the energy the body needs to properly function! 

We will also share the secret 🤫 ingredients used in most of these dishes. Most of these ingredients are inexpensive, cheap and local. We will show you which ingredients go together and which don’t.

Below is the layout for the lessons.

Lesson 1

Get to know introduction
• Cooking demo (3 varieties). We will pick 3 most popular dishes in Ethiopia and show you how you  can simply prepare them. 

Duration: 1 hour 
Date: 5/16/2021

Time: 10:00am or 7:30pm

Lesson 2

• Get to know Ethiopian spices 
• How to clarify vegan butter the Ethiopian way
• Cooking demo (3 varieties). 
We will pick 3 most popular dishes in Ethiopia and show you how you can simply prepare them. These will be different dishes than those in lesson 1.

Duration: 1 hour 

Date: 5/23/2021

Time: 10:00am or 7:30pm

Lesson 3

 • You’ll learn how to prepare teff flour for Injera 

 • How to make Injera on Injera griddle

Note: gluten free Injera 

Duration: 4 days, 30 minutes-1hr each day 

Date: 5/26/2021-5/30/2021

Time: 10:00am or 7:30pm

Lesson 4 

• Meat substitutes cooking demo. This includes vegan Tibs, Vegan Kitfo, and as well as few other meat substitute dishes. 

Duration: 1 hour 

Date: 6/13/2021

Time: 10:00am or 7:30pm

Lesson 5

• Cooking demo (5 varieties)

Duration: 70 minutes 

Date: 6/20/2021

Time: 10:00am or 7:30pm

Note: When we say 3 varieties, we mean 3 different kinds of dishes such as beets, potatoes and eggplant. 

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